Maharashtra Talent Search Examination Started (MTS)

Maharashtra Talent Search Examination Started:-
We strongly believe that – “Talent is not a monopoly of any nation, religion, caste, place or period”. The existing school curriculum and the examination system are  unable to identify and motivate the talented students. It is, therefore, as a national and social binding, the Competitive Examination Guidance Centre, N. Wadia College, Pune has undertaken the search of Talented Students through “Maharashtra Talent Search Examination” since 1992.


Aims of M.T.S.E.

To Search the talented students.
To equip the students for NTS (std.VIII) and other competitive examinations in future.
To encourage the students to appear for various competitive examinations  and to create an urge and ambition to succeed in each examinations from an early age.
To honor and encourage the selected students by awarding scholarships and prizes.



How to obtain Application forms ?
                      Application forms can be obtained from Headmaster / Principal of the School. Head of the institutes are requested to send list of students from Std. VIII, IX and  X on the school letter-head, which shall enable the centre to send the forms accordingly. Fees for these forms can be sent to the centre at the time of submission of the filled forms. Please return the unused forms if any, along with the filled forms. Individual student can obtain application form by paying the fees in advance.
                        Headmaster / Principals are therefore requested to encourage and ensure maximum participation of their students from standards VIII, IX and X. If number of application forms required (separately for VIII / IX / X) are initiated to the center, they will be dispatched to the respective schools. Examination fee may be sent along with the filled forms. A common D. D./ M. O. for all the students may be sent.



* For MTS Examination student will be provided with a single question paper having both the sections i.e. MAT and SAT and he will have to attempt these 200 questions in 3 hrs. i.e. 180 mins. While in NTS Examination at standard X two separate papers for each section will be provided and students will have to attempt 100 questions from each section in 1.5 hrs. i.e. 90 mins.